Who we are?

Hi, my name is Richard F. Prodigalidad, the CEO & President of LEENTech Network Solutions Inc. & Welcome to the land of Intern Heroes!

This project is a collaboration of different Startup in the Philippines working together in helping filipinos to improve and uplift their knowledge and experience towards the future of work. 

Why did we created this platform?
Our goal is for interns in different universities find the right company during their internship with an aim of not only to learn but also create impact and contribute to organizational success.  Instead of students going to IT companies, we created a facility where we can educate them and let them understand that there's a great need of innovation in other industries. 
For our company partners, this also helps them find and invest on the right people that would later become one of their biggest asset to the companies growth.  We intend to grow and develop this community specifically designed for the interns, OJTs and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

With all of this initiatives, we believe that the framework of this success is dependent on (4) four pillars:

1. Education Sector.  With the support of different universities in the Philippines. Internheroes can be the gateway of learning & job opportunity in the Philippines.

2. Mentors & Industry Expert.  With the hero mentors both local, abroad and Silicon Valley, we believe that interns, startups and founders will have a good chance to be more successful in their internship & entrepreneurship journey. 

3. Startup Communities. With the strong support system of our hero startups and LINUS (Local & International Network of Unified Startups), we can help internheroes speed up their learning curve and improve their skills to generate product and service strategy that matters. 

4. Investment Sector.   With the support of Startup Village and other Investment Firms internheroes can be able to get the funding they need to run minimum viable product and to be able to show their super powers to the world.